IMG_3325 IMG_3333    168373_1729815482617_916512_nJune 13, 2016

I have been blessed to grow up in the country. Within 5 miles from my home I can go see a sunflower field in August. Alot of the local farmers have found there is not enough money in farming the land or they have passed. Now their fields get put into open space programs. I personally love seeing the field of yellow! If you drive past the sunflower field you will notice all the flowers facing the sun. They will follow the sun throughout the day. I like to step in the tall field…but the amount of bees there frightens me.These particular sunflowers have seeds for eating. A machine is used to extract the seeds then they are dryed. Some different sunflowers are grown and are much shorter. They are used solely for making bouquets.

  1. it is interesting—my neighbor just brought me flowers—just for bandaging her finger——they were sunflowers—very pretty—also contained small yellow flowers with brown honey comb type center—what are they??

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