April 26, 201720170426_122046

I got a variagated african violet from a fellow gardener at garden club a few years ago. She announced she is moving away to us recently. My automatic reaction was….when I look at that utmost beautiful plant I have I will think of her friendship. Secondly I said…..please tell me how to propagate that plant so I can share it with others like she did?! Well here is the info I gathered:

Simply remove a healthy leaf with the stem by cutting it off or snapping it off neatly at the stem of the plant. The stem should be trimmed to about 1 ½ inches for best results. Take the leaf and insert the leaf stem into a hole in the growing medium, then water it thoroughly. Propagating African violets isn’t as hard as one might think. Roots should appear at the base of the stem within three to four weeks. When the roots appear, new leaves and plants should start peeking through the ground three to four weeks after that. One thing to remember when the new plants should have two to three leaves eventually. At that point, they are safe to repot Cant wait.

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