April 10, 2016

The Lily of the Valley was so beautiful at my 1754 stone home in Sergeantsville Nj that we were the eighth generation of the Johnson family to live in it. I often wondered how many women that lived there as my predesessors enjoyed looking out that colonial kitchen at the Lily Bells growing around that big Oak Tree. A nice shady spot where over the years since planting they flourished. They started as tiny bulbs in the ground and they are perennials that means they come back every dear. They are delicate little white bells that smell like a slice of heaven. In my laundry that hung on the clothesline on a warm spring day…the fragrance clinged…bringing that heaven indoors. 🙂 I loved being a young mother there surrounded by feminine touches of mothers before me.

Princess Diana carried a cascade bouquet of, fragrant gardenia, stephanotis, orchids, freesia and Lily of the Valley. Kate Middleton has renewed the Lily of the Valley back into popularity in wedding bouquets. When Kate Middleton exchanged vows with prince William the world waited to see every detail of the wedding day including the wedding bouquet. The bouquet consisted of sweet william, hyacinth blooms and of course Lily of the Valley. Diana and Katelove fragrances I can tell!

Lilies of the Valley symbolize "a return to happiness." Here are ...



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