April 24, 2016

We are moving in 5 days. I wook up to the smell of purple lilacs outside my bedroom window. I ran out and grabbed an armful to bring inside like it was the last supper or something! To me …flowers would be the last supper. The smell brings back memories of 3 different stages of my life. Sad to think I will never have a chance to grab these flowers again.

When I was a little girl there were 2 things I loved doing- playing basketball on the barn in the backyard and playing on the moss under the lilac tree. I would pretend and let my imagination go as I breathed in a fragrance I would describe as a slice of heaven 🙂

Then when I married the first time I lived in a family heirloom house dated 1754. The bent lilac tree in the yard was grabbed many times:) Most of the time my three sons used it as a treehouse…climbing it…swinging from its branches. Oh that lilac tree has heart.

Finally is the purple lilac tree in my soon to be former yard…lol It has brought joy to me and hopefully to the new family moving in. I know it has’t for my husband who is now sneezing from the bouquet iI brought inside!IMG_1303


  1. is Don alergic to them – I had to chop down our lilac bush – it never blossomed very well and did not look good unfortunately

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