May 30. 2018

When I think of Memorial Day I think of the geranium. Its bright red flower  stands  tall like our american flag today! Being a Mom of two Marine Veterans I beam with pride like the flower! And my 3rd son remained on the homefront with his Mom…..Which I remember on Memorial too. All 3 sons have my honor and respect 🙂


Today I will fill a planter with the geraniums.  They are an annual and love the full sun. If you pluck off the dead flowers more will come back in there place. My favorite ones have a varigated leaf. {two tones} They will last all summer.

  1. I’m proud of your sons,too!! I remember as a child we always went to graves with geraniums —-my grandparents and my 2 brothers who were lost as children.——on memorial day. I just bought a pot of geraniums for my porch—-it has a red one—a pink one and a white one!—-Love Aunt Nancy.

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