May  29, 2017

Last year when out to dinner with our friends for my birthday the topic of conversation was the Fitbit. As you are facing turning a year older you want to slow down that process as much as you can. I heard that it tracks how far you walk. I said-I have to have it! {It reminds me of being in the 4th grade and having to have the gizmo that all the classmates own} haha  Needless to say my hubby bought me one. The object is after 10,000 steps have been recorded on it a day-you are golden. I easily pass that mark everyday and have managed to become healthier while wearing this wristband. Now the news is claiming they are inaccurate. I say that something that makes is concience about moving can’t be all bad! I can’t afford a personal trainer so this will do. (pictured is a happyflower Fitbit) lol

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