April 29, 2016


All the lawns on my block are loaded with dandelions! 80 % green and 20 % yellow. The more often the wind blows-the more the tiny seedlings take flight. I love the yellow heads of the flower. When little I would pick handfuls from the lawn and make pretend dandelion stew. I would borrow one of my moms pots and pans and stir the yellow flower heads.

As they grow…..

If we blow these, more and more will grow. But the seedlings are precious. If I were an artist I would love to draw this! But as artsy as I get is my flower arranging and photography.

When my boys were younger they would practice golf swings (as if these tall dandelions were teed golf balls)…lol When swinging and hitting them… the neighbors were blessed with 50 more in there grass!