April 14, 2016


People have asked me “Patti what is your happy flower?” I have a favorite flower…but it doesn’t make me happy. I would say the Daisy makes me happiest. I once watched the movie When Harry Met Sally. (well maybe more then once…lol) There is a scene in the movie when Meg Ryan is sick and is brought a bouquet of daisies. She smiles calling them the happy flower. I too can see that when I look at them. Flowers are given to show unexpressed thoughts and feelings that are hard to put into words. Giving and receiving flowers opens a heart to expression. That’s why I am so passionate about them!

In my younger years I remember plucking a daisy one petal at a time gaging a boys feelings of me when all the petals are gone….he loves me…he loves me not. Its been a long time!

I looked up the meaning of the daisy. here it goes-

bubbling over with happiness, having a positive outlook and celebrating the simple things.

and…..Pattis Happy Flower 🙂


  1. Love what you said about the daisy. I too remember picking them off one at a time. I think a daisy should become my favorite flower.

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