June 19, 2016

It is Fathers Day today. Its a great day to plant a flowering tree in memory of a deceased father. I know my Mom has a tree she is reminded of my Dad with 🙂 It’s a big ole Maple tree…gorgeous red in color.

My favorite tree has been the crepe myrtle tree. The lovely pink plumes that adorn it are tremendous. My husband planted one for me once. A neighbor crashed into with his jeep cherokee. Its sad because I won’t see it grow bigger as a reminder of time passage.

... , Virginia: Crepe Myrtle Trees In Bloom, Williamsburg, Virginia

  1. I had never heard of this tree until my old roommate,Cora who lived near us in Concord ridge for awhile, planted one in front of her townhouse —-but after they moved full-time to Va. nobody trimmed it and it grew to the top of the lamppost and was then removed. They are beautiful trees.

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