My sister Donna was born on this 5th day of May. So my whole life thats what this day meant to me. But as I got older and developed a hunger for mexican food…..its cinco de mayo too. My husband took me to mexico a few years back…because I love the food from there.  I found I did not like it as much as in America.

But the big question is -what is a happy flower representing this day? Believe it or not It is bright paper flower made of tissue!


Hope you’re not dissappointed

  1. finally was able to get to this–thanks to help from Carla———love this—so proud of you———-I have a group of pictures of George’s flowers growing out in the field in the 50’s or 60’s——-also a picture of great uncle george in L.I.with rows of plants in the background——-you might enjoy them.

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