April 21, 2016

Growing up I remember living across the street from my Aunt Nancy and Uncle George. Having them live directly across the street from home made them part of the family. I had a second Mom and Dad so to speak. My uncle had the most pretty Azalea garden. He took such care of the azaleas and when they bloomed in the spring the colors were spectacular!  They are perenial and easy to care for.

Not only did my Uncle George raise pretty flowers…he had a huge vegetable garden. He planted peanuts in one section and let me care for that one section. My first gardening adventure. Not sure that our NJ garden state is known for peanuts….but they flourished for me…lol.  I think now that maybe he sprinkled peanuts on the ground while i was sleeping…sorta like a peanut fairy 🙂

  1. Always loved having you close by always——remember our talks when you visited when your Mom was mowing in the cemetery ——-Years before George had azaleas growing in the field for sale———-always love you!! and proud of you!!

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