December 28, 2016

Ok….my favorite part of the New Years celebration is the silly glasses. They make me laugh-so many variations! It was interesting to see them make glasses for 2000 with the three 0’s. lol

It is a time  to reflect on 2016. This is the year that I started my blog about flowers. It has always been a dream of mine! My son Tommy has always been supportive of me to give it a try. I am not in it to make money from my blog but rather express my passion of flowers helping others to learn and grow. Everyday we learn something new as we get older…it is good for our minds.

As far as helping my body this year- I made a visit to a dietician at our hospital half way through 2016 and made some life changing results in what I eat. I am so grateful for the weight loss. Going to the gym 5 days a week helps and I was able to do a 5k this year!

Selling our family home was a huge undertaking this year….but well worth it because we love love love..our new place! It was a rough time as my hubby was in the hospital….but God has given us many blessings. Life. Can’t wait to see what life holds in 2017!


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